Ford F-100 Pick Up The 1st Day

The Ford F-100 pick up truck was purchased by a couple of friends of mine, Mike Herbert and Edgar Lara.  They intend to flip the truck when the restoration is complete.  It will be left mostly stock but with a few customizations that will make it stand out in a car show or just on the street.

Her is what she looked like the day they bought it.

Her is what she looked like the day they bought it.

On first inspection it was obvious someone had started a restoration awhile back and that it was done by an hobbyist and not by a professional garage.  However the engine was rebuilt and the exhaust was redone plus it had new tires and was running and driving.  So for the price they paid it was a sound investment.  It did have some minor suspension issues but they plan to do a full frame off restoration of this truck. anyway.


The bad part of this truck was that it had a lot of rust damage, it's hard to tell from these pictures but there was a lot of Bondo on it and pretty much everywhere.  and when you open the hood the inner wheel wells were visibly rusting away and will need to be replaced as well as the radiator support.  The hood appears to have about 1/2 an inch of Bondo on it all the way across the front of it.  But Greg Alonzo, Fabricator/Welder, will be able to handle of it wether we buy new metal or he has to fabricate it from scratch.